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Read more  Head injury case settled in the North Gauteng High Court for the amount of R2, 108, 847.00
  Updated: Wednesday   25-Feb-15
  The best in the country, if not in the whole continent.
These are the words spoken by one of de Broglio Incıs clients when his case against the Road Accident Fund was settled for a staggering R2, 108, 847.00 after he had been injured in a motor vehicle accident. He was ecstatic with their service and the settlement. He, like many others, chose to employ de Broglio Inc to represent him in his RAF claim and benefited by having the best legal team on his side ...more

Read more  Speedy Substantial Settlement of R3, 555, 585.00
  Updated: Monday   09-Feb-15
  De Broglio Inc are familiar with the tragic stories of their clients who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents and employ their services to make a claim against the Road Accident Fund. de Broglio Inc are experts in suing the RAF and turning tragedies into success stories. In this story, they won their case against the RAF and settled the claim for a wonderful R3, 555, 585.00. ...more

Read more  R331, 221.78 Awarded for Severe Whiplash
  Updated: Monday   26-Jan-15
  Claiming from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) can be difficult and complicated, even for minor injuries. Luckily, there are firms who can help you with the process, such as de Broglio Inc. de Broglio Inc are a firm of attorneys who specialise in assisting their clients in making claims against the RAF. They recently successfully settled a claim where their client had whiplash for the amount of R331, 221.78. ...more

Read more  R1, 100, 000.00 Success Settlement
  Updated: Monday   12-Jan-15
  de Broglio Inc has been named in the Top Performing Companies 2014. This is a wonderful achievement and an outstanding recognition of their legal expertise and cumulative years of success in their field of law. Only a select few companies are even considered for this honour and de Broglio Inc outshone the competition, shining through as the leaders that they are. ...more

Read more  Road Accident Fund to pay R738, 752.99
  Updated: Monday   05-Jan-15
  There is nothing more comforting than knowing you have the best, legitimate team on your side when you are fighting a legal battle. When you choose de Broglio Inc to represent you in your claim against the Road Accident Fund (RAF), this is exactly what you can be guaranteed to get. ...more

Read more  Butcher's Claim Settled for R1, 195, 839.00
  Updated: Thursday   18-Dec-14
  de Broglio Inc are well-known as being the best law firm in South Africa when it comes to suing the Road Accident Fund (RAF). They have been claiming against the RAF for their clients for 19 years and have an impressive track record of successful settlements which exceed their clientsı expectations on a daily basis. ...more

Read more  de Broglio Inc settles for R4, 417, 000.00
  Updated: Tuesday   09-Dec-14
  de Broglio Inc are well-known for their expertise and success in suing the Road Accident Fund. They have had all types of clients and have handled every possible type of claim against the RAF. They consistently deliver excellent service and top results to their clients. They once again confirmed that they are the leading attorneys in this field of law when they recently settled one of their clientıs claims for a staggering R4, 417, 000.00. ...more

Read more  Who You Gonna Call?
  Updated: Tuesday   02-Dec-14
  Have you ever thought about who you would phone in times of a crisis? If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident the people to phone are de Broglio Inc. They are the top law firm when it comes to suing the Road Accident Fund and have dealt with thousands of claims successfully. They can be contacted on 0800 ACCIDENT. Make the right call when you most need it. ...more

Read more  R4, 516, 973.00 Awarded to Child with Brain Damage
  Updated: Tuesday   11-Nov-14
  If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident that wasn't your fault, you may benefit from making a claim against the Road Accident Fund (RAF). de Broglio Inc are a prominent law firm who specialize in suing the RAF for damages for their clients who were victims in car accidents. One of their latest success stories involves a young boy who was the unfortunate casualty in a tragic accident which left him permanently disfigured and severely injured. ...more

Read more  October is transport month
  Updated: Monday   03-Nov-14
  The Road Accident Fund (RAF) plays a major role in transport in South Africa. People who use all modes of transport are injured in motor vehicle accidents and may be able to sue the RAF for compensation for their suffering and losses as a result. Pedestrians, cyclists, passengers and drivers who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident should always contact a law firm such as de Broglio Inc for specialist advice on a possible RAF claim. ...more

Read more  Passenger left with no leg to stand on
  Updated: Friday   24-Oct-14
  Fortunately, de Broglio Inc provided much needed support in her time of need. This leading law firm settled her Road Accident Fund claim for R2, 461, 827.00 in the South Gauteng High Court. They represented her suing the RAF for her damages. ...more

Read more  Road Accident Fund claim settled for R1, 500, 000.00
  Updated: Thursday   02-Oct-14
  The hard work and determination of the legal force that is de Broglio Inc paid off in the South Gauteng High Court when a settlement of R1, 500, 000.00 was awarded to their client, a pedestrian, who had been struck by a motor vehicle while standing on the side of the road trying to push start a vehicle. ...more

Read more  Car accident leaves 1-year-old with brain damage
  Updated: Tuesday   16-Sep-14
  R4,744,768.00 secured by de Broglio Inc and awarded to their client in settlement of his claim against the Road Accident Fund. de Broglio Inc are leaders in their field of personal injury law and took no prisoners in obtaining the best settlement that they could for the poor child who was left with devastating injuries as a result of a car accident. ...more

Read more  RAF Settlement Success in the North Gauteng High Court
  Updated: Friday   29-Aug-14
  An excellent settlement of R343, 632.00 awarded to de Broglio Inc's client in her claim against the Road Accident Fund. de Broglio Inc has a solid reputation as the leading experts in RAF claims in the country. Their years of experience and substantial track record of successful claims has cemented them in the personal injury attorney wall of fame. ...more

Read more  Bank Employee Awarded by the Court
  Updated: Sunday   17-Aug-14
  de Broglio Inc secured a wonderful settlement of R1, 650, 000.00 in the South Gauteng High Court for one of their clients, a bank employee. The compensation received was a pleasing reminder that if you have a strong legal team on your side, you can be successful in your struggle against a government organization ...more

Read more  Young man beats the Road Accident Fund
  Updated: Wednesday   30-Jul-14
  de Broglio Inc enjoyed another victory against the Road Accident Fund this time for a young client who endured a broken leg and a head injury. They settled the claim for R903,235.00. An excellent settlement amount. ...more

Read more  R350, 000.00 awarded for whiplash
  Updated: Thursday   17-Jul-14
  The South Gauteng High Court awarded our client with a settlement of R350, 000.00 in his claim against the Road Accident Fund. de Broglio Inc are very proud of our track record of successful settlements against the RAF. We always endeavour to provide our clients with the best service and results time and again. ...more

Read more  R300, 181.00 awarded for fractured left arm
  Updated: Tuesday   01-Jul-14
  de Broglio Inc, leading specialist attorneys in Road Accident Fund claims, secured a successful settlement of R300, 181.00 for one of their clients who fractured his left arm as a passenger in a motor vehicle accident. An outstanding result considering the fact that the injuries suffered were not as serious as many others. ...more

Read more  Success in the North Gauteng High Court
  Updated: Tuesday   17-Jun-14
  de Broglio Inc successfully settled one of their clientıs claims for a solid amount of R700, 00.00 in the North Gauteng High Court. The law firm have a reputation as being the leading legal legacy in Road Accident Fund claims and repeatedly produce results which support this status. Here is the story of yet another efficaciously settled RAF claim. ...more

Read more  Amputee awarded amazing R2, 289, 693.00
  Updated: Monday   02-Jun-14
  de Broglio Inc won their case against the Road Accident Fund for their client who lost his lower right leg in a motor vehicle accident. They secured a successful settlement of R2, 289, 693.00 in damages and losses suffered as a result of the accident. ...more

Read more  Programmer compensated for losses
  Updated: Friday   16-May-14
  Excellent settlement of R2, 734, 295.00 for our client with a laceration to the left eye, a broken nose and a moderate head injury. With the legal team of de Broglio behind him, this client has walked away with a settlement which superseded his highest expectations. de Broglio Inc are expert attorneys who specialize in suing the Road Accident Fund and their years of experience culminate in repeated successful settlements such as these. ...more

Read more  Domestic worker loses her leg
  Updated: Tuesday   06-May-14
  Outstanding settlement of R1, 387, 964.00 for client who had her leg amputated above her left knee. de Broglio Inc specialize in Road Accident Fund claims and have a reputation for successfully handling claims which involve serious injuries such as amputations. Each person and their claim is handled professionally and their unique situation is always considered. ...more

Read more  Illegal U-turn causes damages
  Updated: Saturday   26-Apr-14
  Driver with whiplash and soft tissue injuries to the right shoulder and right hand is awarded R300 000.00 as settlement in his Road Accident Fund claim. This is a fantastic settlement given that the date of this accident was under the new RAF law which places limits on RAF pay outs. The legal team at de Broglio Inc ensured the maximum compensation was obtained for their client. ...more

Read more  Passenger settlement success
  Updated: Monday   14-Apr-14
  Fantastic settlement of R1,895,615.00 for passenger with whiplash, fractured left humerus, fractured right femur and fractured pelvis. de Broglio Inc assist a diverse and extensive range of clients who have all suffered injuries because of being involved in a motor vehicle accident in South Africa. de Broglio Inc have the experience and expertise to ensure that your Road Accident Fund claim is handled with proficiency and know-how. ...more

Read more  Hair stylist gone bad
  Updated: Tuesday   25-Mar-14
  When one dreams about one's life, one generally has visions of growth, a brighter future and increased success as one ploughs through lifeıs challenges and work demands. One never envisions a degradation of their career, a landslide downwards towards unemployment. But one also never envisions being involved in a motor vehicle accident which could shatter all of one's dreams. ...more

Read more  What happens when a breadwinner passes away?
  Updated: Wednesday   05-Mar-14
  Often when a person dies as a result of a motor vehicle accident, they leave behind dependents, who may be able to claim for loss of support from the Road Accident Fund depending on a few crucial factors. These dependents can include but are not limited to minor children, children studying towards their tertiary education or a spouse, all of whom must be able to prove they were financially dependent on the deceased during his lifetime in order to possibly claim. ...more

Read more  Tragedy for school child on Ontdekkers
  Updated: Sunday   09-Feb-14
  Motor vehicle accidents can destroy lives and families and their ramifications are especially shocking when the life of a child, not even out of school yet, is completely destroyed. Education is so critical in paving the path to success that when a child is injured so severely that they are not able to complete their schooling, the light at the end of their tunnel is far dimmer, and more daunting. ...more

Read more  Too poor to claim from the Road Accident Fund
  Updated: Monday   13-Jan-14
  The trauma of being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be exasperated by the daunting thoughts of trying to sue the Road Accident Fund by yourself. Where will you get the money to see the doctors you need to in order for the required medical reports to be completed? How will you pay for representation in court? At de Broglio Inc they outlay the costs of the entire claim including the legal day-to-day costs, the costs of the medico-legal expert appointments which are generally in the thousands of Rands, the costs of Counsel and Senior Counsel, as well as transport and accommodation should their clients not be in a position to afford their own transport. If you have a viable claim, de Broglio Inc can assist you and relieve you of the stress of suing the RAF by yourself. ...more

Read more  No mercy for children on South Africa's roads
  Updated: Tuesday   10-Dec-13
  In a recent interview with News24 and the Automobile Association (AA) public affairs head Gary Ronald, Ronald said, "South African roads are fast acquiring a reputation as being some of the most dangerous in the world." "The equivalent of at least ten school learners is killed every year on South African roads." "This is partly due to road conditions and vehicle roadworthiness but more so because of road user attitude." This dire situation is highlighted in the recent conviction and sentencing of Molemo "Jub Jub" Maarohanye and Themba Tshabalala to 20 years imprisonment each for murder. They were drag-racing in Protea North on 8 March 2010, when they crashed into a group of schoolboys. Prince Mohube, Mlungisi Cwayi, Andile Mthombeni, and Phomello Masemola were killed. "What we need is for government to put in the same efforts and energy that went into recent smoking legislation into the transport and road fraternities; to be relentless in enforcing rules and to introduce a national zero-tolerance attitude towards road offenders," said Ronald. ...more

Read more  Victim does not remember accident, court hears
  Updated: Tuesday   19-Nov-13
  Amnesia can be a common diagnosis as a result of hitting oneıs head hard in an accident. Often a symptom of the amnesia is loss of memory. Despite how gruesome an accident may be, and how hard it is to think one would not remember the occurrence, it is common that if there is a head injury involved, the victim may not recall anything about how the accident occurred, despite the age of the victim at the time of the accident. An injured person who has suffered brain damage as a result of a motor vehicle accident may only remember the last few hours before the accident, and then wake up a few weeks later in a cold hospital bed. ...more

Read more  De Broglio warns, “Don't do the case yourself!“
  Updated: Thursday   07-Nov-13
  Personal injury specialist, Michael de Broglio, has warned members of the public to be very careful about doing claims themselves with the Road Accident Fund. This, following a recent publication of statistics indicating an increasing number of members of the public being signed up by agents of the Road Accident Fund to do their claims directly with the Road Accident Fund. ...more

Read more  Decade of Action WHO
  Updated: Thursday   17-Oct-13
  In a world where poverty, unemployment, disease and dwindling resources are on the top of the agenda at every summit, it is reassuring to know that attention is being paid to other often neglected issues that affect human beings on a daily basis, such as the issue of safety on the roads. A real commitment has been made by the World Health Organization towards reducing the fatalities and injuries people suffer resulting from motor vehicle accidents in what is considered a ground-breaking initiative. ...more

Read more  Senior Manager Demoted after Accident
  Updated: Friday   13-Sep-13
  Motor vehicle accidents occur every day in South Africa. That creates a huge pool of accident victims who may be able to claim against the Road Accident Fund for any damages they have suffered as a result of the accident. Victims suffer from a sphere of injuries which may be physical or mental, to mention just two types. de Broglio Inc Attorneys have been dealing with claims against the Road Accident Fund for over 20 years. The expert team has the legal know-how to execute smooth and comprehensive running and settlement of a claim. They focus on ensuring every aspect of their clientsı lives has been acknowledged, investigated and evidence has been gathered to prove how the accident has affected them. One further aspect is loss of income. In this case, Tony Scott*, once a Senior Manager in an International company, lost his promotion as he was unable to work as he did before the accident. ...more

Read more  Motorcyclist struck at intersection
  Updated: Thursday   08-Aug-13
  Driving motorcycles in South Africa is a risky mode of transport as Hein Strydom* discovered when he was hit by a motor vehicle which was crossing a stop street without seeing him. As a result of the accident, Hein suffered multiple fractures and soft tissue injuries. de Broglio Inc Attorneys used their combined experience of 56 years in suing the Road Accident Fund. On the 6th June 2013, the legal team representing Hein, consisting of the attorney and advocate, arrived at the Johannesburg High Court ready to fight to the end. They used their expertise to argue with the Road Accident Fundıs legal team the best possible settlement in this particular scenario and even persuaded the court in their favour that Hein is unemployable which all combined in a fantastic cumulative settlement of R2.271 545 million. ...more

Read more  Road Accident Victim Rendered Unemployable
  Updated: Monday   15-Jul-13
  There are often lifetime consequences resulting from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. Whether the injuries are severe or not, a physical ailment or disability can negatively affect a personsı emotional, psychological, family and work life to the point that they are unable to function as they did before. de Broglio Inc Attorneys work with experts to evaluate the long-term consequences and impact the wrongful injury has on clients and their families. ...more

Read more  De Broglio Inc Attorneys successful in matter where client does not recall accident
  Updated: Friday   21-Jun-13
  It does happen that sometimes a client cannot recall how an accident happened. This oftens occurs when the client suffers a head injury as a result of the collision. De Broglio Inc Attorneys are experts in all types of Road Accident Fund claims and through thorough consultation and investigation, have been successful in uncovering the events of an accident and claiming compensation for clients accordingly. ...more

Read more  Birthday Party ends in Horror Crash
  Updated: Monday   03-Jun-13
  In South Africa road works are a common happening and drivers should always drive with extreme caution when driving through areas experiencing such road works. Specialist attorneys, de Broglio Inc, handle a wide range of Road Accident Fund claims acknowledging that not all motor vehicle accidents are caused by the driving of another vehicle. The team at de Broglio Inc are highly equipped to investigate, gather evidence, and prove your case in court, ensuring top results time and time again. ...more

Read more  Car veers, crashes into couple
  Updated: Tuesday   30-Apr-13
  According to Wikipedia, an accident is an unplanned event and implies a generally negative outcome which may have been avoided or prevented had circumstances leading up to the accident been recognized, and acted upon, prior to its occurrence. Unfortunately, in many motor vehicle accidents, efforts to avoid collisions are futile, as was the case with the Bezuidenhouts. ...more

Read more  Motorcyclist forced to close Engineering Business
  Updated: Friday   05-Apr-13
  Entrepreneurs often suffer the greatest loss when they are injured in an accident as they do not have the safety net of sick leave or benefits associated with being an employee of a company. Their businesses often operate on a basis where if they themselves do not do the work then their income is jeopardised. de Broglio Inc Attorneys know and understand this vulnerability and always explore the full extent of the losses a client suffers in order to ensure full compensation to protect the client from further suffering. ...more

Read more  Taxi Passenger suffers with no seatbelt
  Updated: Wednesday   13-Mar-13
  South African roads are buzzing with taxis transporting the majority of the South African workforce between destinations. A workforce which is so integral to the economy but which is not protected like private road users with seatbelts in the taxis. de Broglio Inc have consulted and represented hundreds of taxi passengers over the years who have suffered severe, life-altering injuries as a result of an accident which may have been less devastating had they been travelling wearing a seatbelt. ...more

Read more  Pregnant woman suffers mild traumatic brain injury
  Updated: Wednesday   27-Feb-13
  Michelle van Wyk was a front seat passenger in a vehicle in 2008 when they drove through an intersection and another motor vehicle skipped a stop street and collided with them as they proceeded along their right of way. The way this accident happened is common but the injuries of each person is varied. ...more

Read more  Pedestrian looses use of his foot
  Updated: Monday   11-Feb-13
  Injuries which may generally be considered minor, such as a fracture, can, depending on the type and severity of the fracture for example, have a major negative effect on the person injured. In this case, a fractured foot led to the client being dismissed from work as he was unable to fulfil the requirements of the job as he did before the accident due to his injury. de Broglio Inc and their team of experts took the case on and fought to get the client his duly deserved compensation from the Road Accident Fund. ...more

Read more  30-year-old Taxi driver now cared for by mother
  Updated: Thursday   31-Jan-13
  de Broglio Inc have over the years, successfully represented a wide variety of clients in their claims against the Road Accident Fund, dealing with clients from all walks of life. They have learnt to deal with the most shocking of injuries and the devastation that these injuries bring with them into the clients? lives. They have specialized in securing the best settlements for these clients. ...more

Read more  Justice for 3 year old minor
  Updated: Tuesday   15-Jan-13
  When it comes to the protection and rights of children, special attention and care is afforded to them because of their status as minors. As they are minors, it is the responsibility of adults and the law to act on their behalf and always in their best interest. Recently De Broglio Inc laid a claim against the Road Accident Fund, acting on behalf of a minor to the end of preserving the personal security and integrity of our client. ...more

Read more  De Broglio Inc reaches settlement for hard working school teacher
  Updated: Friday   11-Jan-13
  De Broglio Inc is a firm of specialist personal injury attorneys striving for justice on behalf of every one of our clients. The following case highlights our focused and refined skill set in claims against the RAF, a field in which we specialize. ...more

Read more  De Broglio secures R1 504 569.00 for widow and children
  Updated: Saturday   22-Dec-12
  When road accidents result in the death of a breadwinner, the stability of the financial future of the spouse and children hang in the balance. De Broglio Inc attorneys have the expertise and determination to protect and enforce the rights spouses and children have regarding compensation ...more

Read more  R 1 921 699.80 accident pay-out for injured plumber after head-on collision
  Updated: Wednesday   05-Dec-12
  Motor vehicle accidents can immobilize their victims for life. With 16 years? experience in Road Accident Fund claims, de Broglio Inc Attorneys are experts at assisting those who are unable to look after themselves in a time of crisis and take whatever measures are necessary to get top results for those who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident due to no fault of their own. ...more

Read more  De Broglio Inc Attorneys increases RAF claim by 95 % for motorcyclist
  Updated: Sunday   04-Nov-12
  De Broglio Inc Attorneys have learnt through years of experience that one cannot accept the first offer from the Road Accident Fund. It is a common occurrence that the RAF under offer in an attempt to settle a claim quickly, but once a claimant has accepted this initial offer, they cannot claim again. De Broglio Inc Attorneys have in many cases increased claims to more than double the initial offer, as was the case for Hennie le Roux. ...more

Read more  De Broglio secures R 1 504 569.00 for widow and children
  Updated: Monday   01-Oct-12
  When road accidents result in the death of a husband, father and sole bread winner, de Broglio Inc Attorneys are there to fight for compensation for the spouses and children who are left behind. ...more

Read more  R194 000 for a trip and fall
  Updated: Friday   24-Aug-12
  The personal injury team at de Broglio Inc helped a client in her early 60's to recover R194 000,00 as an out of Court settlement after a slip and trip in a parking lot of the Rosebank Shopping Centre ...more

Read more  Payout helps mother care for disabled adult son
  Updated: Monday   09-Jul-12
  A taxi driver who was left mentally disabled after a car accident is to receive a settlement of R1.8-million from the Road Accident Fund, thanks to the attorneys at de Broglio Inc. ...more

Read more  De Broglio's experts secure R1.4-million for client's head injury
  Updated: Monday   02-Jul-12
  Sometimes both parties are at fault in a road accident situation, but this should not prevent victims from lodging a claim against the Road Accident Fund for their injuries. ...more

Read more  R3.4-million settlement for brain-damaged passenger
  Updated: Monday   06-Feb-12
  A client of de Broglio Attorneys will receive R3.4-million in compensation from the Road Accident Fund after sustaining extensive brain damage in an accident on the N3 highway. ...more

Read more  Cyclist celebrates R180k award for fractured finger
  Updated: Monday   05-Dec-11
  A de Broglio Inc client hopes to soon be back in the saddle following an excellent third-party payout of R180 000 for a finger that was fractured in a cycling accident. ...more

Read more  R1.1m award for SPV guard after crash trauma
  Updated: Monday   07-Nov-11
  A young security guard who sustained brain damage in a car accident has secured over R1-million in compensation from the Road Accident Fund, thanks to his attorneys at de Broglio Inc. ...more

Read more  Client over the moon with whiplash settlement
  Updated: Monday   11-Jul-11
  Whiplash is one of the most common injuries arising from car accidents, and de Broglio Inc has chalked up yet another satisfied client who has walked away with a handsome R250 000 settlement for whiplash from the Road Accident Fund (RAF). ...more

Read more  R800k offer for fractured wrist
  Updated: Thursday   23-Jun-11
  De Broglio Inc has secured an excellent Road Accident Fund payout of R800 000 for a client who fractured his wrist in a car accident. ...more

Read more  De Broglio super-sleuths track down accident evidence
  Updated: Friday   10-Jun-11
  When you're involved in an accident, sometimes you're far too shaken up to think clearly. But it is critical to have your wits about you to prove that you didn't cause the crash - especially if you have been injured and are planning to lodge a claim against the Road Accident Fund. ...more

Read more  R2-million accident payout for drag racing victim
  Updated: Monday   11-Apr-11
  With the alleged drag racing incident involving hip-hop star Jub Jub still in the news, another apparent drag racing case - this time a civil claim, not a criminal one - has been settled in the South Gauteng High Court for over R2-million. ...more

Read more  R330 000 for polio sufferer after head-on collision
  Updated: Monday   28-Mar-11
  A man who had beaten polio twice as a child was dealt a cruel blow by fate when he was involved in a head-on collision that has confined him to a wheelchair. ...more

Read more  When accidents become simply beastly
  Updated: Monday   07-Feb-11
  Sometimes the guilty party in a car accident can't be held liable for injuries or damages ... because he or she happens to be an animal. ...more

Read more  Orphaned child gets compensation after horror pile-up
  Updated: Wednesday   19-Jan-11
  A child whose future is in tatters after a five-vehicle highway pile-up left him orphaned and brain-damaged has received R1.5-million in compensation from the Road Accident Fund, thanks to the legal minds at de Broglio Inc. ...more

Read more  Brain-damaged after truck collision: R1m payout
  Updated: Tuesday   04-Jan-11
  A businessman who sustained severe brain damage in a 2007 horror crash has been awarded just over R1-million in damages by the Road Accident Fund, plus an undertaking to pay for his future medical care. ...more

Read more  R1.16 million for young man's back injury
  Updated: Friday   08-Oct-10
  When we're in our 20s, most of us tend to take our youth for granted. But a Joburg man is painfully aware that he will never be able to fully enjoy the best years of his life after a highway accident left him with a debilitating back injury. ...more

Read more  R551k after high-speed bumper-bashing
  Updated: Monday   27-Sep-10
  Sometimes a bumper-bashing can lead to more than just a whiplash injury ? it can also have a profound psychological effect on the accident victim. This was discovered by Johannesburg resident Kiara Johannsen*, who recently received a R551 000 award from the Road Accident Fund thanks to the persistence of de Broglio Inc. ...more

Read more  Spike in medical negligence cases anticipated
  Updated: Monday   13-Sep-10
  Changes to the Road Accident Fund legislation may see more lawyers turning their attention to medical negligence claims instead, predicts Michael de Broglio. ...more

Read more  Accident claim finalised in lightning-quick time
  Updated: Tuesday   24-Aug-10
  Having taken over a Road Accident Fund claim from another firm of attorneys at short notice, de Broglio Inc managed to successfully take it to trial with only three months in which to prepare a solid case. ...more

Read more  A witness can make all the difference to your claim
  Updated: Friday   06-Aug-10
  If you are in a car accident, you may be too shocked, disoriented or just plain angry to think straight. But, as a recent case illustrates, it is important to keep a cool head and take down the contact details of any witnesses who can support your version of events in court. ...more

Read more  Court ruling a victory for taxi passengers
  Updated: Thursday   22-Jul-10
  De Broglio Inc has welcomed a landmark High Court ruling that declares unconstitutional the fact that taxi passengers injured in an accident before August 2008 can only claim a maximum of R25 000 for their injuries. ...more

Read more  R1-million payout for near-drowning victim
  Updated: Thursday   15-Jul-10
  A nine-year-old girl who nearly drowned in a hit-and-run accident will be looked after for the rest of her life following a R1-million settlement that de Broglio Attorneys secured for her from the Road Accident Fund. ...more

Read more  Home sweet home - until disaster strikes
  Updated: Thursday   08-Jul-10
  Even a quiet suburban street can be the scene of a terrible car accident, as teenager Janet Koekemoer* discovered when an underage joyrider ploughed into her outside a friend's home in 2007. ...more

Read more  Standing up for the little guy and winning
  Updated: Monday   28-Jun-10
  de Broglio Inc attorneys helped a hawker get proper compensation from the Road Accident Fund of R1,4 million after he suffered an amputation of his left leg below the knee ...more

Read more  Incompetent attorney causes seven-year claim delay
  Updated: Monday   14-Jun-10
  Imagine the frustration of having your accident claim languishing in no-man?s land for seven years. This frequently happens to crash victims before they approach de Broglio Inc, which has established a reputation for dealing with Road Accident Fund matters speedily and efficiently. ...more

Read more  Traumatised crash victim gets R2.1-million from RAF
  Updated: Monday   07-Jun-10
  From being a motivated, sporty young man, Robert Visser?s* life spiralled into violence, aggression and hopelessness following a catastrophic car accident. But thanks to de Broglio Inc, his Road Accident Fund settlement of R2.1-million will help him reshape his future. ...more

Read more  Good payouts for whiplash injuries
  Updated: Monday   31-May-10
  When you are involved in a car accident ? even what may appear to be a relatively minor bumper bashing ? there is a strong chance that you may have sustained whiplash and can lodge a claim with the Road Accident Fund (RAF). ...more

Read more  Scarred waitress gets compensation
  Updated: Friday   28-May-10
  A head-on collision has left Thuli Roberts* of Nigel frequently feeling like her face is on fire, or rough like sandpaper. This waitress may never have normal sensation in her face again, but de Broglio Attorneys have obtained a R500 000 award from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) to mitigate her misery. ...more

Read more  Too little, too late - and the taxpayer must pay
  Updated: Monday   24-May-10
  De Broglio Inc's frustrations with the Road Accident Fund?s tardiness continue. One of the latest incidents involves a matter where the Fund wasted public funds unnecessarily due to being late with a court application. ...more

Read more  Broken promises delay young crash victim's payout
  Updated: Friday   14-May-10
  Lengthy delays between the settlement and payment of a Road Accident Fund claim are not unusual, but a Johannesburg man is astounded at the Fund?s unprofessional behaviour in making and breaking countless promises to pay him. ...more

Read more  Accident ordeal made worse by RAF runaround
  Updated: Monday   10-May-10
  Already suffering from the trauma of a debilitating car accident, a Centurion man says he endured further frustration and red tape when attempting to lodge his own claim with the Road Accident Fund (RAF). ...more

Read more  Scarred accident victim receives some relief
  Updated: Thursday   06-May-10
  Brenda Nkadimeng* had hoped to earn a living as a waitress, but after a taxi accident left this young woman?s face badly scarred, she has lost the confidence to work in the hospitality industry. ...more

Read more  Justice delayed for passenger?s road accident claim
  Updated: Tuesday   04-May-10
  Last year, Deborah Moodley* was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in an accident. Therefore, as a totally innocent party she had a solid, indisputable claim against the Road Accident Fund (RAF) - and yet the Fund dragged its heels in admitting liability. ...more

Read more  Decade of trauma ends with R1.5 million RAF award
  Updated: Thursday   29-Apr-10
  More than 10 years after he was injured in a horrific car accident, Ryno van Schalkwyk will finally be able to close a traumatic chapter in his life, after the Pretoria High Court ordered the Road Accident Fund (RAF) to pay him R1.59 million in damages. ...more

Read more  Unpaid claim makes accident victim see red
  Updated: Wednesday   28-Apr-10
  An accident victim from Stellenbosch is still waiting for the Road Accident Fund (RAF) to pay out his claim - more than eight months after his case was finalised in court. ...more

Read more  Compensation for schoolgirl victim of careless driving
  Updated: Wednesday   28-Apr-10
  Nowadays, many schools are dangerous places to be ? not just in the playground, but outside the premises as well. Just ask little Khethiwe Khanyile*, who was knocked down by a car in front of her Pretoria school and is still struggling to banish bad memories of the accident. ...more

Read more  RAF to pay almost R4m to horror crash survivor
  Updated: Monday   19-Apr-10
  An Edenvale man who lost his leg in a horror eight-vehicle pile-up near Musina in 2006 has been awarded the sum of R3.9 million from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) in compensation. ...more

Read more  Standing up for the little guy - and winning
  Updated: Thursday   15-Apr-10
  De Broglio Inc continues to fight for the rights of less advantaged citizens, having recently won a R1.4 million award from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) for a hawker who was hit by a minibus taxi. ...more

Read more  R1.8-million award gives man hope after accident
  Updated: Friday   09-Apr-10
  A man who was rendered unemployable following a head-on collision has received R1.8-million in compensation from the Road Accident Fund (RAF). ...more

Read more  RAF payout shows productivity is not limited to the young
  Updated: Friday   09-Apr-10
  De Broglio Inc has scored a victory for senior citizens by showing that those who are still working after retirement age may be entitled to loss of earnings after a car accident. ...more

Read more  Going it alone on a claim can be bad for your health
  Updated: Tuesday   06-Apr-10
  Often, victims of road accidents approach the Road Accident Fund (RAF) with a claim on their own, little realising that the expertise and bargaining power of professional attorneys can potentially secure them much higher payouts. ...more

Read more  Tenacity pays off in the blame game
  Updated: Thursday   01-Apr-10
  De Broglio Attorneys have become known for standing their ground, sticking up for their clients? best interests and not capitulating to unreasonable settlement offers. ...more

Read more  Contented client can finally seek medical treatment
  Updated: Monday   29-Mar-10
  Another settlement, another satisfied client ? it?s all in a day?s work for de Broglio Attorneys, who are fast establishing a reputation as the country?s premier law firm specialising in third-party claims. ...more

Read more  Claimant's promotion hopes dashed after accident
  Updated: Wednesday   24-Mar-10
  Vincent van Gogh may have sacrificed an ear in the furtherance of his art, but there was nothing quite so noble about the accident in which Lester Mashiloane* lost a portion of his ear ? as well as the chance of a promotion ? in 2006. ...more

Read more  Roadblocks await those who attempt a DIY RAF claim
  Updated: Wednesday   17-Mar-10
  Trying to lodge your own claim with the Road Accident Fund (RAF) can be a rocky road strewn with obstacles, as a man from Kimberley who was paralysed in a car accident discovered to his own detriment. ...more

Read more  Paying for quality service
  Updated: Friday   12-Mar-10
  Picture it: You are being wheeled into surgery for a delicate brain operation. A cockroach darts across the floor; you notice faint tomato sauce stains on the nurse?s scrubs. The surgeon saunters in, cupping his yawn with a dirty-fingernailed hand. The dingy operating theatre looks like something out of a ?70s B-grade movie. As the grubby curtains are pulled shut around you, you start to pray... ...more

Read more  R880k payout after young man?s dreams are dashed
  Updated: Friday   05-Mar-10
  Colin Smith* was determined to complete his Matric - but after a car accident left him with severe brain damage, this goal is now a distant and probably unattainable dream. ...more

Read more  Medical expert picks up hidden head injury
  Updated: Wednesday   03-Mar-10
  Sometimes, not all car accident-related injuries are immediately evident, but de Broglio Inc?s top-notch medical experts are renowned for their ability to discover undetected problems in clients who are claiming damages from the Road Accident Fund (RAF). ...more

Read more  After a three-hour trial, accident victim secures R2 million award
  Updated: Monday   01-Mar-10
  Once again, the on-the-ball approach of the de Broglio Attorneys team - and the apparent lack of preparation on the part of the Road Accident Fund (RAF) - has resulted in a bumper payout for a client. ...more

Read more  Young widow can move on thanks to settlement
  Updated: Friday   26-Feb-10
  A grieving widow whose husband was killed in a horrific car accident has been awarded the sum of R3.7-million in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria. ...more

Read more  Bereaved mother wins loss of support payout from RAF
  Updated: Tuesday   23-Feb-10
  De Broglio Attorneys has notched up a victory for parents who are dependent on their working children?s income, by securing a Road Accident Fund (RAF) payout for a mother whose son died in a mining accident. ...more

Read more  New hip for golden oldie after hit-and-run
  Updated: Thursday   18-Feb-10
  Even if you?re a pensioner and your working days are over, you can still receive decent compensation following a car accident. ...more

Read more  Payout for bookkeeper after intersection crash
  Updated: Monday   15-Feb-10
  De Broglio Inc's lawyers have obtained a R150 000 settlement from the Road Accident Fund for a client who was injured in a car accident that occurred at an intersection. ...more

Read more  Interim financial relief for accident victim
  Updated: Thursday   11-Feb-10
  Even though his case against the Road Accident Fund (RAF) had been dragging on for years, a Telkom technician managed to secure an interim payment thanks to the attorneys from de Broglio Inc. ...more

Read more  Graduate finally gets her dues - six years after accident
  Updated: Tuesday   09-Feb-10
  A young woman whose university results suffered as a result of injuries she sustained in a motor accident, has succeeded in obtaining a settlement from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) ? even though she submitted her claim several years after the car crash took place. ...more

Read more  Domestic worker gets compensation for head injury
  Updated: Tuesday   09-Feb-10
  A Johannesburg domestic worker has been awarded more than R1.2 million in damages after sustaining a severe head injury in a three-car pile-up on one of the city?s busiest highways. ...more

Read more  Vendor gets justice after freak accident
  Updated: Friday   05-Feb-10
  It seems you are not even safe from road accidents in your own yard. This is what Ethel Kekana* (41) discovered when she was knocked down in a freak accident on her property in Alexandra. ...more

Read more  R2 million for paralysed motorbike accident victim
  Updated: Tuesday   02-Feb-10
  A man who was paralysed from the neck down following a freak motorcycle accident has been awarded a R2 million settlement from the Road Accident Fund. ...more

Read more  Be wise - breathalyse
  Updated: Thursday   28-Jan-10
  Johannesburg-based law firm de Broglio Inc has urged all motorists to take personal responsibility for their driving behaviour this festive season. ...more

Read more  Road death stats a sham, says lawyer
  Updated: Wednesday   06-Jan-10
  Johannesburg lawyer Michael de Broglio has accused the Department of Transport of manipulating the December road death statistics, saying that people are continuing to die in increasing numbers on the country?s roads. ...more

Read more  R2 million award
  Updated: Tuesday   29-Dec-09
  An accident in Jan Smuts Avenue led to an award against the Road Accident Fund of R2 million as a result of the work done by Michael de Broglio and his team at de Broglio Inc ...more

Read more  RAF incompetence
  Updated: Sunday   27-Dec-09
  High Court judge punishes "incompetence and dishonesty" of officials of the Road Accident Fund or RAF ...more

Read more  Being prepared can save the day
  Updated: Wednesday   04-Nov-09
  Often, Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims hit speed wobbles due to inadequate preparation on the Fund's part, but this does not deter de Broglio Attorneys from striving to obtain the best possible accident compensation payouts for their clients. ...more

Read more  Bus driver's tall tale doesn't fool court
  Updated: Saturday   08-Aug-09
  Tragic and fatal car accidents due to negligent behaviour are a sad everyday reality for South Africans, but a recent case took the cake when it came to the driver?s half-baked excuse for drunken driving. ...more

Read more  Bringing bargaining power to the table - even for smaller claims
  Updated: Friday   31-Jul-09
  De Broglio Attorneys has gained a reputation for securing substantial Road Accident Fund payouts for clients who have sustained severe injuries in accidents. However, the Johannesburg law firm is also adept when it comes to smaller, less complex cases. This is illustrated by the case of Primrose Matabane... ...more

Read more  Attorneys fight to get urgent medical care for disabled boy
  Updated: Thursday   23-Jul-09
  While waiting for the slow wheels of legal justice to turn, de Broglio Attorneys is trying to obtain an interim court order to force the Road Accident Fund (RAF) to start paying for a severely mentally and physically disabled teenager to receive urgent medical treatment. ...more

Read more  The dangers of trying to do a case yourself with the RAF
  Updated: Wednesday   22-Jul-09
  Often, victims of road accidents approach the Road Accident Fund (RAF) with a claim on their own, little realising that the expertise and bargaining power of professional attorneys can potentially secure them much higher payouts. The RAF made him a settlement offer - but he then engaged the services of de Broglio Attorneys, whose lawyers are now on course to secure him at least 10 times as much in compensation. ...more

Read more  Claim finalised in lightning quick time
  Updated: Monday   15-Jun-09
  Having taken over a Road Accident Fund claim from another firm of attorneys at short notice, de Broglio Inc managed to successfully take it to trial with only three months in which to prepare a solid case. David Botha*, a 36-year-old policeman with a Gauteng robbery reaction unit, was involved in a car accident in Tembisa in 2005. While driving a police car at high speed in pursuit of a hijacked vehicle, ...more

Read more  Took over from other attorneys
  Updated: Wednesday   10-Jun-09
  We took over a case from other attorneys, who had handled the claim for 8 years, and settled for R1,59 million. ...more

Read more  4 day Court battle ends in almost R4 million judgment
  Updated: Friday   03-Apr-09
  Represented by de Broglio attorneys a Kempton Park man was recently awarded almost R4 million in compensation after a 4 day battle in Court, more than doubling the offer made by the attorneys for the Road Accident Fund..... ...more

Read more  Fuel hike to prop up Road Accident Fund
  Updated: Tuesday   10-Mar-09
  Michael de Broglio says that the limitation of citizen benefits through Bill Amendments mutes the applause. ...more

Read more  Disabled child's two-year ordeal ends with RAF settlement
  Updated: Tuesday   10-Mar-09
  On 19 February 2009, the Johannesburg High Court ratified an out-of-court settlement reached between legal counsel for the family of Bongani Khumalo*, now aged nine ... ...more

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